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The woman in the green dress by Tea Cooper
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The Woman in the Green Dress

For readers who loved Remarkable Creatures, The Naturalist’s Daughter and The Birdman’s Wife comes The Woman in the Green Dress…

1853 Mogo Creek, NSW

Della Atterton, bereft at the loss of her parents, is holed up in the place she loves best: the beautiful Hawkesbury in New South Wales. Happiest following the trade her father taught her, taxidermy, Della has no wish to return to Sydney. But the unexpected arrival of Captain Stefan von Richter on a quest to retrieve what could be Australia’s first opal, precipitates Della’s return to Sydney and her Curio Shop of Wonders, where she discovers her enigmatic aunt, Cordelia, is selling more than curiosities to collectors. Strange things are afoot and Della, a fly in a spider’s web, is caught up in events with unimaginable consequences…

1919 Sydney, NSW

When London teashop waitress Fleur Richards inherits land and wealth in Australia from her husband, Hugh, killed in the war, she wants nothing to do with it. After all, accepting it will mean Hugh really is dead. But Hugh’s lawyer is insistent, and so she finds herself ensconced in the Berkeley Hotel on Hunter St, Sydney, the reluctant owner of a Hawkesbury property and an old curio shop, now desolate and boarded up.

As the real story of her inheritance unravels, Fleur finds herself in the company of a damaged returned soldier Kip, holding a thread that takes her deep into the past, a thread that could unravel a mystery surrounding an opal and a woman in a green dress; a green that is the colour of envy, the colour buried deep within an opal, the colour of poison…

Tea Cooper’s yarns boast strong female protagonists, and the narrative skills to weave multiple timelines into a satisfying whole … Cameron Woodhead Sydney Morning Herald.

A freshly drawn, bittersweet saga that draws nuggets of ‘truth’ with timeless magic and might-have-beens. North and South Magazine NZ

A rich historical fiction novel about the choices we make, and the unimaginable consequences that can unravel for us, and those who come after us. Spanning two different timelines the story is incredibly intricate and detailed, taking the reader into a fascinating journey into Australia’s past… BetterReading

I was drawn into this wonderful book with the author’s wonderful descriptions of historic New South Wales towns in both time periods. The flora and fauna and also her sympathetic and sensitive depiction of the local ‘New Hollander’ people add to the tone of the book – a mesmerising read with just the right amount of adventure, romance and mystery Startsat60

I was captivated by not only the strength and determination of the two women, but also the cast of secondary characters … a masterfully crafted tale of mystery and intrigue. Great Reads and Tea Leaves

An utterly engrossing story about Australia’s first opal and a mysterious woman in a green dress. BetterReading

A breathtakingly beautiful novel … well written and cleverly structured … Chapter Ichi

I’d recommend this to lovers of: Australian history, the voices of unsung women, the natural environment, and those who are curious about the lifestyles of all manner of people from the past. Jay Hicks.

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